Who are we?

The responsible for the usage and protection of your personal information is OVERFIL S.A. DE C.V. better know as OVERFIL, located at 1744 JUAN ALONSO DE TORRES BLVD, 1ST FLOOR, DEL MORAL 1 37125, in the city of LEÓN, state of GUANAJUATO, in the country of MÉXICO. Our website is

What are we using your information for?

We will use the information to contact you. Your personal information is not a requirement, but it does help us provide you with the best service. Additionally, we will use it for the following secondary purposes:


If you do not wish for your information to be used for these secondary purposes, please contact our administrative offices at:

The denial of the usage of your personal information is not a reason for not bringing you the services and products required.

Where can I look up the full privacy statement?

For more information on the terms and conditions in which your personal information will be managed by us and any third party with whom we share your information, and the form in which you may exercise your ARCO rights*, you may go to the Internet, where you may find this public document.

*ARCO rights: Access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition. Rights which guarantee you have the power over your personal information and where it’s used.